On-line Registry of Multi-family apartment buildings

The electronic registry enables searching, analyzing and updating the characteristics of the housing stock in RN Macedonia in order to enable the improvement of the quality of housing in residential buildings and the improvement of energy efficiency.

Through this web tool you have access to and can receive the following data:

  • General data (address, year of construction, number of apartments, year of renovation, way of managing the apartment building, etc.),
  • Geographical locations of residential buildings on Google maps,
  • Condition, i.e. maintenance and damage of the facade, roof, windows,
  • Data on the construction material used,
  • Management of the residential buildings,
  • The energy requirements for heating in the existing state,
  • Assessment of potential energy savings when applying energy efficiency measures,
  • Calculation of the financial profitability of each individual measure, as well as a package of all measures,
  • The potential reductions in emissions of harmful gases in the atmosphere during the application of measures for energy efficiency, that is, reduction of the impact on the environment and climate change.

Access to the Electronic Register of Residential Buildings in Macedonia https://buildingmanagementweb.azurewebsites.net/
The registration of residential apartment buildings and the Electronic Register of residential buildings are activities undertaken the REELIH project – Residential Energy Efficiency of Low-Income Households with the financial support of USAID.